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Does the IRS Say You Owe Them Money?

IRSLevyRelief.com Can Help

  • Eliminate Penalties
  • Innocent Spouse Relief 
  • IRS Audit Defense
  • IRS Help Back Taxes
  • IRS Payment Plan
  • Reduce IRS Tax Debt
  • Resolve Payroll Tax Problems
  • Stop IRS Levies
  • Stop Wage Garnishments
  • Tax Debt Problems
  • Tax Negotiation & Settlement 

Your Tax Debt Won't Go Away on Its' Own; if the IRS Wants You

Do you owe the IRS back taxes? Have you experienced an IRS levy, IRS wage garnishment, seizure, or suffered from the filing of an IRS tax lien? Has a situation occurred where this is now in your future?

Regardless, your immediate objective is get relief from the levy or wage garnishment (or potential of one). Your long-term plan may involve an Offer in Compromise, installment agreement, innocent spouse relief, or other tax resolution.

Aggressive Representation for Solutions to Tax Problems

As an experienced tax attorney, I work with taxpayers and the IRS to arrive at solutions so that you can get your life back.    Put over 30 years of negotiation and tax controversy resolution experience on your team.  

When Professional help is needed, you want IRSLevyRelief.com.

Call to discuss your IRS problem today. The call and consultation are free.


IRS Tax Problem & Resolution


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